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The Spinner™ LONG Punch Needle Frame

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Introducing the Spinner™️ Long!  I LOVE this frame. with a 10 x 20 inch working are, you can now punch a larger design without fear of moving it around your frame.  
Why spin?
I'm not one of those people that can punch all over.  I am a directional puncher...I punch with the open, beveled end going in the direction I am punching, that is the way I was taught.  That means I turn my frame a lot!  So, I had my frame maker make us a frame with a swivel...hence the spinner™️.  I cannot tell you how much easier it has made my punching so much more enjoyable.

Using the same basic design as our  Standard Rug Hooking frame, The Spinner™️ has a HUGE 10 x 20 inch working area.  It is recommended for use with the spinner stand because of it's large size.  See just how big this wonderful frame is next to our standard size spinner punch needle frame.  That's a tremendous amount of working area for punching.  This beautiful frame is made of cherry wood and has swivel bottom for a 360 degree turn  The frame is 3 inches tall and has a slight slope toward you for comfortable punching.  Because there is a 2 - 3 inch gap between the top frame and bottom part there is no risk of poking yourself.  The frame comes with gripper strips on all four sides ensuring that your weavers cloth will stay on your frame and be as tight as you like for punching.  (I like mine as tight as a drum).  To work smaller pieces on this frame simply machine stitch scrap fabric onto your pattern if it's not big enough to fit the frame.  If you've never use a gripper frame to punch, your in for a real treat....your going to love this! 

*The Spinner Long Frame is shown on the Spinner stand.  The stand is not included for this price but may be purchased separately.