"Peekaboo" Punch Needle Frame

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Using the same basic design as our Standard Rug Hooking frame, the "Peekaboo" frame has a 9 x 12 inch working area. That's a tremendous amount of working area for punching.  This beautiful frame is made of cherry wood and has a window underneath so you can "peek" at your finished punching without having to take the fabric off your frame. The frame is 3 inches tall and has a slight slope toward you for comfortable punching. Using the frame as a lap frame you can sit comfortably in your favorite chair with your frame on your lap and be hands free as you punch.  Because there is a 2/3 inch gap between the top frame and bottom part there is no risk of poking yourself. The frame comes with gripper strips on all four sides ensuring that your weavers cloth will stay on your frame and be as tight as you like for punching. (I like mine as tight as a drum).  To work smaller pieces on this frame simply machine stitch scrap fabric onto your pattern if it's not big enough to fit the frame. If you've never use a gripper frame to punch, your in for a real treat....your going to love this! Be sure to add in one of our Flannel Arm Guards to protect your arms from the sharp grippers.