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"Shorty" Custom Die ~ #8.5 Rug Hooking Strip Travel Die

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The innovative strip dies created by and only available at The Old Tattered Flag are now available in a Shorty die.

Why? We've been selling strip dies since 2016 with rave reviews.  In fact, we really have not had any complaints about this amazing way of cutting your wool.  People are amazed at how easy it is and how straight the strips cut.  The one concern was the size of our regular strip dies.  At 26 inches long, ladies felt that they could not travel with them.  Now, mind you, our 26 in. long dies are still amazing for home use and provide the ability to triple your cutting power and will provide you with extra long strip lengths.  The shorty dies allow you the opportunity to bring your dies with you and provide the same great cutting, but just a little more manageable. 

**This #8.5 Shorty die will cut 15 strips with one turn of the handle on your Sizzix machine.  Simply do a tri-fold with your wool, place one plastic sheet on top of the wool and die and a second plastic pad under the die and run through your machine.  It's like magic!!  15 perfectly cut strips! Oh, and there's very little waste and no error when cutting.  

Add this die to your collection and you'll be on your way to the next hook-in!  

**Please read**
13 inch "Shorty" plastic pads are necessary to use these dies.  The shorter pads you received with your Sizzix machine will not work.  The 13 inch plastic pads are sold separately here on our website or as an option up above. 

Frequently asked questions:
What do I need to use this? 
You need the die, the set of 13 inch plastic pads and the Sizzix machine.

What is the difference between our "Shorty" dies and longer dies? The long dies should be your primary “go to” die for your favorite size. It is for volume cutting though you can also cut just a few strips. The shorty dies are a great option for traveling because of their smaller size but still offer great cutting or if you want to ad to your die collection with a lesser used size. 
Can I use an accuquilt machine? 
No, these dies are made to work with Sizzix machines. You can use the Sizzix Big shot or any other Sizzix machine that has a 6 inch opening. 
How long do the dies last?
We started using this amazing die cutting system in 2012 and our first die is still going strong and cutting as perfect as the first day we used it. 
Can I cut other things? 
Yes, most definitely!  Die cutting systems are meant to cut a variety of fabrics and you can even cut paper for scrapbooking.  Sizzix has hundreds of wonderful products for scrapbooking and quilting.

**Dies and plastics that have been used cannot be returned or exchanged**