Ornament Swag Rug Hooking Pattern or Kit

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If you follow us on Facebook you will know that this is a design we are offering as a freebie.  We understand though that many of you prefer to purchase your patterns already drawn on the fabric or you might even want us to provide the whole kit (pattern on fabric and all woolens).  We are happy to provide this for you.  We do not have a finished picture for you as we hope you will hook along with us through the holiday season, but we will provide the colored in picture that you see here.  Have fun with this pretty design.  It is 12 x 24 inches.  As soon as we finish hooking ours we will add the picture to this page and we will post it on Facebook.  


All of our patterns are drawn on monks cloth, paying close attention to the straight of the grain. Linen is available for an extra fee. Please select the pattern or kit you would like on the right hand side.

Kits include the pattern and all woolens needed to hook the design. We have included wool amounts that we used (plus a bit extra) to hook the rug. We realize that all hookers hook differently. Some hookers hook much looser and will have leftover wool, some hook higher or tighter and may need extra. We encourage you to keep all wool tags that label your wool in the event you may need to purchase more.

The wool in your kit does NOT come cut into strips. Due to time constraints, we are not able to cut larger kits anymore. If you are a new hooker, please check out our New Hookers section for a selection of smaller kits that we still do offer our cutting services for, as we realize not all new hookers have a cutter.