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Modern Hand Stitching

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Enjoy the confidence of knowing basic stitches and let your stitching spirit play to your heart's content!

  • Directions for more than 35 different stitches, all arranged by how they're made
  • A gallery of stitchwork for inspiration to practice, play, and create
  • Step-by-step instructions and full color illustrations
  • Dozens of variations on straight stitches, building stitches, cross stitches, knots, chain stitches, and more


Tired of looking for just the right stitch reference, author Ruth Chandler decided to create the handbook herself—and here it is!

Modern Hand Stitching features six stitch chapters with dozens of variations on straight stitches, building stitches, cross stitches, chain stitches, knots, couching, wrapping, and making a stitch sampler, plus a gallery of stitching inspirations.

Stitching is fun, exhilarating and artistic. Once you know your basic hand stitches, you can freely play to your heart's content with pattern and form. Modern Hand Stitching will show you everything you need to hand-stitch with confidence!