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Maude Wool

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Oh my, what a lovely green....

~Here's the Nitty Gritty ~  

The price above is for 1/4 yard of wool.  A 1/4 yd measures 15 x 36 before washing.  All wool from The Old Tattered Flag will come to you washed and ready to use.  Since wool is a natural fiber it shrinks during the dye/wash process.  Finished sizes will vary due to different woolens but all have started with the same measurement. (average measurement after washing is 14 x 33/34, but again, some do differ)

*We sell 1/4 yd pieces, unless otherwise marked.  The term "As Is" means that the wool is perfect as is
and has not been dyed. 

*If you need a  LARGER PIECE than a 1/4 yard and would like it uncut, order the quantity you need and then during the checkout process there will be a "Order comments" box where you can tell us you would like yardage.  

*We photograph our wool under light aiming to get the most true color as we see it.  Due to the difference in monitors some wool may appear darker or lighter than it actually is.  We do our best to describe each piece. 

*Please click on each photo for a nice close up