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Complete Rug Hooking Starter Set

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If you've always wanted to try rug hooking then this is the starter set for you. Our Starter set includes the 8 x 8 inch pattern (choose from the crow, the star or the heart in pic. 2) and all the wool (cut) needed, a pencil hook with primitive end, and our "Miss Reliable" Rug Hooking frame.  This is a basic, quality made, wooden frame that is specially made for The Old Tattered Flag. Mom and I have been hooking on a frame like this for over 20 years. The frame has a 9 x 12 opening on the top and is 6 1/2 inches tall in the back. It slopes down for comfortable hooking. So, you will get the pattern and cut wool, the hook and the frame and we will send you hooking and finishing instructions as well. A great deal! Please select "Beginner Pattern" and select which design you would like. 

*We also have a "Spinner" Frame that is a great alternative to our Beginner frame.  It is on a swivel and turns completely making for easier hooking.  If you would like this frame, please choose the "Upgrade to Spinner frame" option.