Punching Letters

Punching Letters

Posted by Julie on Jan 22nd 2022

Some people are apprehensive about punching letters.  I get it....they can be tedious to go around, but I think sometimes we build it up in our mind to be worse than it really is.  

When I'm finally ready to start putting background in I punch a bit tighter up to the letters than normal.  This will make it so the loops are "smushed" (that's a word right, lol) together.  You can see in this picture that I got close but there will always be some spots that might need to be filled in after.  Turns out those white spots were fine and did not need to be filled in. 


I hear a drum roll in my head as I flip my punch needle over to see what my letters look like.  Drum roll please.......


Not bad, but not good either.... definitely some areas that need to be tweeked.  I've been punching for close to 20 years and will tell you that even the most seasoned puncher will not have perfect letters, or even berries or single lines.  Some form of manipulation of those little errant loops needs to be done.


I simply take the tip of my scissors and push those little loops right where they need to go.  I grab the loops in the letters and push them inwards or sometimes I grab the background loops and push them inwards so the letter will take shape.  


And there we go.  Neat little loops, all in place!

Until next time......