A simple Easter....

A simple Easter....

Posted by Julie on Apr 17th 2022

Happy Easter!

I find that I haven't blogged in almost two months and that was not what I wanted to happen.  When we built our new website I was so happy that it had a built in blog because I could write again about things I love to do, but somewhere along the way, with promoting our business on facebook, our subscriber emails, our LIVE Wednesday videos I found that I just didn't know what to talk about in my blog.  So, I realized that I had to come back to where it all started. 

I think I first started blogging in 2010 and at that time Mom and I were just dipping our toe into the fiber arts business. I blogged mostly about happenings around our home, my life as army wife, recipes, new projects.  I sooo use to enjoy blogging.  

Then our business started taking off and it overtook my life.  Business owners, or at least this business owner is ALWAYS trying to find balance.  It has been the one constant for me.  If I have a life, then will my business be successful?  If my business is successful, will I have a life?  Thankfully I have a very understanding family and things have worked out well so far, but I have found that it becomes less about what those around you think or how they deal....it becomes about how you deal with it.  I have found that I have gotten away from the other things I truly enjoy; home decor, photography, painting, chickens (more on that later), cooking and so much more.  We LOVE what we do at The Old Tattered Flag but there is so much more to us, sometimes as business owners, what we do can overtake our lives and we forget to sprinkle those other things that we love here and there.  Those other things feed our soul and our creativity.  
So, yesterday (and thanks to some influence from my Sister.....chickens....yes, more on that later), I drove home with a smile on my face realizing that I needed to get back to more things that make me smile and feed my soul.  So, with that I hope that my blog will come to life again.  Of course I will sprinkle in a new idea or design from OTF here or there, but I have decided to focus on lifestyle here.  The wonderful things about blogs is that you as the reader can choose to come along with me, or if I'm not your cup of tea you can stop reading.  I plan to focus on things around our home more.  I have recently been renovating a new craft room and loving every minute of it, I have gotten some chickens (thank you Lisa) and I have begun to find Julie again, not just Julie who owns OTF but Julie.  If you want to come along on this ride with me then keep reading........

Easter Sunday

I love any Sunday but a holiday Sunday is extra special!  You just feel like you have to do something a bit more.  
Holidays for us, have changed so much...... as they do.  When I was a child the whole family would congregate at one house and huge meals would be served, laughter, (sometimes loud discussion) games...good times!  Then I got married, hubby was in the Army and we traveled all over.  Our holidays because very small.....just the four of us.  It was good....we adjusted just fine.  After my husband retired my kids were grown, our holidays got even smaller with sometimes just 2 or 3 of us around the dinner table.  Mom remarked this morning about how different this year was.  Family things have caused a shift in the dynamic recently...everyone is still ok.....there are just changes.  It can be difficult, but that's why it's important to still make or do maybe one small thing.  Even though there were just 3 of us this morning I decided to go a bit above and beyond a normal Sunday breakfast.  Mom, hubby and I fixed our plates, sat in the living room and enjoyed a special breakfast.
I found this wonderful recipe from "The Chunky Chef".  If you'd like the recipe, be sure visit here: 

Sweet Croissant Breakfast Casserole

There was not a croissant to be found in our local store so I used french bread.

..no blackberries either so blueberries and raspberries worked.

I made a little egg scramble with eggs, some garlic butter, asiago cheese and served it with sides of tomato bruchetta and artichoke bruchetta.  Sweet and savory!

Because we are sauce people I made a double batch of sauce.  I knew we would have leftovers so I put the extra sauce in the container so it wouldn't dry out.  Gotta think ahead, right?

My trusty sidekick always keeps a watchful eye on me....especially when there is a plate involved.

After breakfast, later in the day, we will have a small group, just 5 of us, with ham, roasted and boiled cabbage, sautéed asparagus, rolls, deviled eggs, corn, and potatoes and then I will make a small strawberry trifle. 
I usually set a more decorative table but sometimes less is more. 

It's always easy for me to find things to write about as I am a busy person....I don't just mean busy in the true sense, I mean busy in that I am always looking for something new to try.  I was discussing this with a customer in the store yesterday. I am never bored.  I have just realized that I need to broaden my horizons a bit more to include other things I love.  I hope you will join me on this journey, you never know what I'll be talking about.  Thank you for reading today and have a wonderful Easter whether it's just you, a small crowd or a large family gathering, enjoy the day.

Until next time.....