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Antique Coverlet #2 Rug Hooking Kit

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This beautiful design has been in the works for about 3 years. My mother gave me an antique coverlet a few years ago for Christmas and I knew right away that I wanted to "translate it" into a hooked rug pattern. This rug is visually stunning!!! It was hooked completely in a #8 cut and really should be hooked with this cut as the number of rows per block is specific. The pattern will come with a colored photo of the blocks and will have the number of rows per section diagramed. This is a labor of love and you will fall in love with this as you hook it as you will see it come to life. We hooked it with our own hand dyed Battleship Blue wool and Flag Stripe White wool. The blue has variegaton throughout creating the look you see. The pattern is 40 x 45 inches and is hand drawn on linen. This pattern is only available on linen as it is quite labor intensive to draw and is hard on the eyes.

All of our patterns are drawn on monks cloth, paying close attention to the straight of the grain. Linen is available for an extra fee. Please select above if you would like your kit to come on monks cloth or linen.

Patterns and kits come with a colored cover photo, unless otherwise noted, including a rug recipe card with our recommended woolen amounts and the size of strip we used to hook it. However, you may hook using whatever size strips you would like.

Kits include the pattern and all woolens needed to hook the design. We have included wool amounts that we used (plus a bit extra) to hook the rug. We realize that all hookers hook differently. Some hookers hook much looser and will have leftover wool, some hook higher or tighter and may need extra. We encourage you to keep all wool tags that label your wool as well as your rug recipe card, in the event you may need to purchase more.

The wool in your kit does NOT come cut into strips. Due to time constraints, we are not able to cut larger kits anymore. If you are a new hooker, please check out our New Hookers section for a selection of smaller kits that we still do offer our cutting services for, as we realize not all new hookers have a cutter.