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The Irish Hook ~ Ball Hook Short Shank 8mm

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Direct from the maker!
"The Irish Hook", also known in the USA as "The Hartman Hook", is a range of tools for the discerning rughooker, individually handcrafted (the hook as well as the handle) with brass hooks and ferrules, and using locally-sourced Yew wood for the handles. We are a father and son outfit based in a pleasant corner of rural Ireland, and have been making these rugtools for nearly thirty years. 
Yew is a very pretty wood, predominantly an orange or salmon pink colour, with white sapwood, occasional streaks of dark brown and purple, and a varied grain which means no two handles are alike. The wood eventually darkens to a chocolate-brown colour with age. Each handle is hand-turned to perfection, and yew comes to a smoother finish than any other wood, making these a joy to hold.
The brass hooks are carefully rounded and smoothed to glide easily through the backing and pull loops without catching or 
tearing. 8mm is recommended for hooking strips #8 and above. The short shank is 1 1/2 inches, using a shorter shank is more desirable to those who like the pointed end of the Irish hook without the long depth from the longer shank.