The Spinner ™️ Frame Stand
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We are proud to introduce the Spinner™️ Frame stand, for use with our Spinner™️ Rug Hooking and Spinner™️ Punch Needle Frames.  Please see the video below to watch how easy it is to use.  We've been using this stand for a month now while we've been waiting for our Patent paperwork to arrive and we are in love with it!  This stand has been specially designed by us for easy use with the frames and has full 360 rotating to complete your punch needle and rug hooking projects.  Here at The Old Tattered Flag we like to keep things simple and easy to use.  There are no screws or knobs on this frame stand.  You simply slide your Rug Hooking or Punch needle frame into the "U" shaped slot and hook or punch away and turn as needed.  The weight of your arm on the frame while punching or hooking keeps the frame in place while you work, then when you are ready , turn it easily.  The frame is lightweight (under 5 lbs.) and folds for easy transporting and storage.  When you are ready to use it, simply insert the pegs into the holes on the bottom of the tray (see pictures).  There are two sets of holes to provide 2 different angles for working.  If you are working on a large rug simply tie up, or clip the sides of your rug to be able to spin freely. When the frame is open and ready to use it stands 26 inches high in the front and 30/31 inches tall in the back, depending on the angle you choose.  

Price is for the Stand only, the Rug Hooking or Punch Needle frames must be purchased separately, please see below.   

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The Spinner ™️ Frame Stand

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