Stars and Flowers Huge Quilt Design Punch Needle Pattern or Kit
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I am so proud of this pattern.  This pattern is professionaly printed on weavers cloth and measures a huge 16 x 20 inches. It is comprised of 20 quilt inspired blocks with my own "flair", stars and flowers.  Each block is 3.5 inches. It will come with a colored photo or thread suggestion card.  This design was originally punched with DMC but we have recently redesigned the size and thread amounts so it will now be provided with Valdani Threads in the same colors (21 Balls of Perle cotton #8).  

These suggestions are based on punching with 6 strands on a height of #2 with the Ultra Punch Needle. This pattern may certainly be punched with different numbers of strands and heights. Thread needs will vary depending on strands used and height of loops. Our house thread is Sullivans, however you will see we have provided the comparable DMC thread color number, as it is easier to find. OTF threads are The Old Tattered Flag’s hand dyed threads. Valdani thread is a thinner thread than others, so I double thread the medium tip needle to resemble punching with 6 strands and fill in twice as fast. To do this, pull the thread from the center of the ball and the outside of the ball, then thread both ends through the needle.

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Stars and Flowers Huge Quilt Design Punch Needle Pattern or Kit

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