Spring Proddy Flowers and more! with Jan Cole
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Jan Cole from The Wool’n Gardener will be offering a workshop teaching how to make the ever-so-popular “Spring Proddy Flowers”!  Students will learn, from start to finish, how to create these lush, beautiful 8”-9” wool flowers.  Take this opportunity to use up some of your wool odds ‘n ends and stash!!!!  Once you have mastered the proddy flowers, the possibilities are endless!  Kits and instructions for making a 12” round proddy wreath or heart wreath will also be available.  

8”-9” Spring Proddy Sunflowers 

 Class includes:

*Instruction/demonstration of process

 *Templates for center of flower and petals

*Linen backing (2 flowers)

*2 antique bedsprings

*4 wool leaves (blanket wool)

 Students to bring:

 *hooking frame and hook (center of flower is hooked)

*noodles for hooking center of flower in the color of your choice (I use 8 ½ or 9 cut) – the center of the flower is usually darker than the petals.  (I sometimes use 6-7 different wools in the center depending on the noodles I have) 

*the equivalent of 1/2 yard of wool for each flower – I encourage using 3 different wools or odds and ends to mix– petals are shaped from a 3” square so pieces should be no smaller than 3 x 3.  A 8” x 8” piece of wool will be needed for the back of the flower.  Wool, of course, can be purchased the day of the workshop!!

*proddy tool (optional) – If purchased the day of class $25.00 (normal $29.00)  -  I find using a proddy tool puts less stress on my wrist, hand and shoulder.  A hemostat can also be used but they sometimes fray the wool and may not be sturdy enough to pull 2 petals through the backing at one time.  (If purchasing a proddy tool (handmade in the UK), please notify me prior to class to insure availability (jantique@ptd.net)

*embroidery thread to coordinate with wool (I use Valdani #8)

*scissors – (I use a 6”-7” scissor to cut wool petals)

Jan will also show how to make the Wool Wreath seen in picture #4.

Class time 1-4 PM on June 21, 2019

We ask that you please provide us, by entering the information in the box on the right of the screen, the name of each guest and city where each guest lives. 

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Spring Proddy Flowers and more! with Jan Cole

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