Sizzix Wool Cutting Package ~ Cut 60 Strips with 1 Turn
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**All of the dies but the wooly tree fringe die are currently on backorder.  We hope to be caught up with all back orders within the next 3 weeks.  Because of the uncertainty of shipments we are only allowing order when the product is in stock, no pre-ordering at this time.  Please check back often on the availability.  

Do you wish you could hook more and cut less?  Then look no further.  A few years ago Mom and I discovered an industrial cutter that allowed us to cut up to 60 #8 strips with one crank of the handle.  I've been wanting to find this same concept for my customers but on a smaller scale.  We are proud to offer the Sizzix Big Shot with custom made dies (cutting pads) specifically for Rug Hooking. 

You may already be familiar with the great line of products from Sizzix.  This machine is primarily used for Cutting Fabric for quilting and paper for scrapbooking and has several neat tools to emboss paper.  I do not scrapbook or quilt so I do not know the full extent of possiblities with this wonderful little machine, but what I do know is that is works fabulously with wool. I've been using it to cut wool and it works even better than our large studio machine.

We are offering a package that will include the cutting machine, a die of your choice and the 2 plastic cutting pads that you sandwich the die between.  We have dies to cut strips #4,5,6,7,8,8.5, 9 and 10. You can cut up to 3 layers of wool at a time.  Each die measures 6 x 25 inches, but the actual cutting area is 5 inches wide, so the number of strips cut will vary. 

For instance with the #6 (6/32 inch) die you can cut 27 strips with one layer, 54 with two layers and 81 strips with three layers
With the #8 (1/4 inch) die you can cut 20 strips with one layer, 40 strips with two layers and 60 strips with three layers.
With the #9 (3/8 inch) die you can cut 13 strips with one layer, 26 with two layers and 39 with three layers.
With the #10 (1/2 inch) die you can cut 10 strips with one layer, 20 strips with two layers and 30 strips with 3 layers. 

If you already have a Sizzix big shot you can purchase the dies separately, please see our other listings.  Or you may even want all the sizes for your machine....we recommend them all.  Plastic pads (the ones used to sandwich the dies) will become scored as you use them, this is normal, over much time you may need to re-order.  These are also available for purchase separately.  We order the dies in large quantities so are able to offer them at a great price to you.

Please see the attached video to learn more about the machine. 

Next, all you have to do is decide which strip die you want to go with your package.  Please don't hesitate to email with any questions or even call. 

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Sizzix Wool Cutting Package ~ Cut 60 Strips with 1 Turn

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