Santa 2017 Rug Hooking Pattern
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Oh boy! How handsome is our Santa 2017?  This guy is just fabulous!  When you purchase the pattern, it will come drawn as a hooked rug, meaning the outer rectangle will be drawn in for you should you choose to actually make him as a standard hooked rug.  The size is 20 x 50 inches.  If you choose to make him a "stand alone" Santa like we did you will simply just hook Santa and not hook the feather tree and background.  Instructions will come with the pattern telling you how we finished him.  As a "stand alone" he is approximately 16 x 45 inches.  How fun would this guy be mounted on an old sideboard like we did, or maybe an old sled, door or shutter.  The ideas are endless!

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Santa 2017 Rug Hooking Pattern

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