Rug Hooking Kits

 Welcome to the wonderful world of Rug Hooking.  Many people think rug hooking is latch hook, it is not, there is really no comparison.  Rug Hooking is the art of creating a design with thousands of loops of 100% wool.  Rug hooking is an art.  If possible we recommend taking a class or visiting our tutorial videos (click the link to the Tutorial Videos section on the left)  

If you are a first time Hooker we recommend starting with one of our Beginner kits in the "New Hooker" section. If you choose one of our Beginner kits (recommended for first time hookers) the wool is cut into strips and written instructions are included.  (you will still need to purchase a hook separately at our SUPPLIES page)  All other patterns or kits do not include instructions.  Other beginner kits will incur a cutting fee if you need your wool cut into strips. 

All of our patterns are drawn on monks cloth paying close attention to the straight of the grain. Linen is available for an extra fee, simply choose the linen option. 

Kits include the pattern and all woolens needed to hook the design.   Our kits are made up using our soft and fluffy woolens.  Woolens will vary from kit to kit but the color "idea" remains true.  We have included the wool amounts that we used (plus a bit extra) to hook the wool.  We realize that all hookers hook differently, some hook much looser and will have a lot of wool left over.  Some hook higher or tighter and may need extra.  We encourage you to please keep the tags that label your wool in the event that you may need to purchase more.
**Because of time constraints, we are no longer cutting kits, other than the kits in the "New Hooker Kits" section. We do hope you will consider the Sizzix cutting system as it is the best and most economical way to cut your wool for Rug Hooking.  Please visit the Sizzix Section for more information.

**Returns must be made within 14 days**
**Returns with Smoke or other odors will not be accepted**