Hook and Proddy Chenille Flower Kit
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Oh my gosh, how super prim is this?!  I have this hanging on our porch and during our Gathering we nearly sold out of the kits for it, so we made up more for you.  I learned about hooking with Chenille from our good friends Betsy and Erica so when I came across some I wanted to think up of a unique way to use it and of course my mind drifted to my favorite flower, a cone flower.  In your kit you will kit the pattern drawn on linen, the wool for the flower top and the chenille for the bottom.  To hook the top we tore the wool into 3/4 inch strips.  The instructions are easy to follow.  If you like the grungy look like we do simply spray your flower with walnut crystals or coffee.  The finished flower is large at 9 x 12 inches, not including the spray of twigs. 

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Hook and Proddy Chenille Flower Kit

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