Felted Wool Pressing Mat- 8 1/2 inches square
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These Felted Wool Pressing Mats are made of 100% premium wool, made in the USA! This pressing mat is 8 1/2 inches square. 

Press any pieces or embroidered block with ease! The density of this high-quality, 100% felted wool mat absorbs seams and stitches effectively pressing both sides at once. Block knitted projects as well by pinning them directly to the mat. An added bonus? The texture of the wool stops fabrics from shifting so there is no distotion when pressing. 

Tips and Tricks! 

The pressing mat can be used with a dry iron on any surface! If using steam, place the mat on a protected surface since moisture does go through the mat and can harm the surface below. Never place the mat on a rotary curring when pressing. The heat could warp the cutting mat. If mat feels damp after use, hang to air dry before storing. Wash the mat occasionally by rinsing it in cold water and hanging the mat until dry- especially using a spray startch. Safe surfaces include, formica, corian, stone and metal (an ironing board), wood and painted surfaces should be avoided. A wool mat is a handy tool for quick pressing when next to your sewing machine! 

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Felted Wool Pressing Mat- 8 1/2 inches square

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