Antique Adaptations

In the good old days women use to make rugs for functionality, to prevent drafts in the home.  Though these rugs were made for a purpose the women showed great talent in designing and created some of the most visually pleasing rugs that we all strive to create in present time.  The rule in using Antique rug designs is that the rug must be at least 100 years old.  We hope you enjoy the Antique Rugs we have chosen to offer.  We may have made a small change here or there and if we have it will be noted in the pattern description.  Have fun with these.  Color plan to attain the vintage look you will see in the original photo or plan the rugs with your own color scheme using today's beautiful woolens.  If you'd like help color planning we are always here to help. 

*We claim no ownership to these designs*

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