Marbelizing Wool with Jan Cole from The Wool-n-Gardner
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Do you love the look of hand dyed wool but are not crazy about the whole dyeing process?  Well Jan Cole is going to show you how to take what seems like an unusable, ugly piece of wool and turn it into a coveted piece of wooly art.  Jan says, "this is not a process I have developed, but one that been around for years (remember the tie-dyeing of the 60's?)" . During the marbleizing workshop you will walk through each step of the marbleizing process.  Jan will show you how "ugly" (mostly recycled) wool can become a treasure without using or adding any additional dyes.  She will give an overview of the process and have samples of wools that were "married", showing how different combinations of wools produce varied results - many times different results on each side of the marbleized fabric.   In addition, she will provide written instructions for participants to take with them and have a stash of wool for purchase should anyone want to try the process at home!

A little bit about Jan (in her words).....

"My introduction to rug hooking came in the mid -1990s when I first saw Vicki Calu working on her room size pictorial rug at the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival.  I took classes from Vicki for several years learning the basics and developing my style.  Since my husband, Fred, and I live in an old Pennsylvania stone farmhouse, my goal was to create rugs that looked old and would complement the house and our antiques. At that time, I was also attracted to hooking with recycled wool because it made the rugs look older. I fell in love with rug hooking as soon as I had a hook in hand with wool strips. Primitive looking rugs are in my heart and soul. 

Vicki Calu offered dyeing classes from time to time and I recall telling her many times that I did not want to get involved with dyeing, but I took the workshop anyway. In spite of my initial reluctance to get involved in dyeing wool, I slowly found myself being drawn to it.  Vicki encouraged me to try over-dyeing the recycled wool with which I was hooking.  Shortly thereafter, Vicki invited me to sell the recycled wool at the Highlands (a venue for rug hooking workshops). People responded positively and liked what I offered. I had accumulated so much wool by this time that it provided a way for me to “support my habit”.

Up until the time I met Kay Leisey, owner of Homespun Woolens in Hereford, PA, my dying was primarily recycled wool. Kay was dying new wool for her shop, but needed more stock and was too busy to meet the demand for hand-dyed wool.  Now that I provide all the hand-dyed wool for Homespun, Kay always has 500+ pieces of new, hand-dyed wool in stock at any one time. Word of mouth soon resulted in invitations to sell at hook-ins and shows. Wholesale accounts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New York soon followed. From that reluctant start, The Wool’n Gardener was born. Today dyeing wool - now mostly new and some recycled - is a major part of our lives.

My husband and I are active partners and share the work.  I do all the dyeing while Fred handles the ripping, rinsing, drying and marking of the wool. About 1500 pieces of new wool and some overdyed recycled wool are usually in stock at all times.  Fred has also begun to hook!  He has been inspired to hook Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations designs after a recent trip to Alaska.  Fred and I live in Emmaus, PA with our two cats Nahla and Sadie.  We have two daughters, Taryn and Tanya, and five beautiful grandchildren."

*On a personal note, Jan and her husband Fred are two of the nicest people we've met on the rug hooking circut.  Her wool is simply sublime with a richness that is beyond compare.  Jan will be have a booth at the Gathering of Friends on Saturday, June 24th as well.

This class will be held Friday, June 23 at 1:00 It is a 2-3 hour class.  Pariticipants should wear old clothing.  The class will be held in our production house, next to the shop.  We will provide a light snack.   

**If you reserve more than one class spot please let us know the names of the class participants who will be joining you by entering their name/s in the "special instructions" box during checkout.   You will receive an emailed invoice of your class purchase.  When you arrive the morning of classes, please check in at the shop and we'll help you get to the class location on the property. 

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Marbelizing Wool with Jan Cole from The Wool-n-Gardner

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