#10 Strip Cutting Die for Sizzix Big Shot
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**Please read** 25 inch plastic pads are necessary to use these dies.  The shorter pads you received with your Sizzix machine will not work.  The 25 inch plastic pads are sold separately here on our website.  If you type "Sizzix" into the quick search box on the left, all the sizzix products will come up for you. 

We are happy to be offering custom made dies for the Sizzix Big Shot cutting machine.  These dies work fabulously to cut wool for rug hooking.  We order our dies in large quantities so we can provide our customers with a decent priced die.  We do have a whole package (cutting machine, plastic pads and a die of your choice), please see our other items to see this.  However, if you already have the Sizzix Big Shot and just need to order the die, you've come to the right place.  We have dies in the following sizes: #6, 8, 8.5, 9 and 10. The machine cuts 3 layers of wool at one time.

A #10 die will cut 9  strips if you cut just one layer, 27 strips with 3 layers   

Do you like to hook more than you like to cut?  We like to cut only two layers at a time as it puts less stress on our shoulders and the machine and it's easy to turn the handle, so that still will give you 18 strips with one turn of the handle.   This is a must have for the hooker.  The dies are 6 x 25 inches with an actual cutting area of 5 x 18 inches. The 25 inch plastic pads are needed to use this die and can be purchased separately.  

At this time the company we are working with is advising me that custom orders are taking a bit longer, so wait time for this dye to ship at this time could be 3-4 weeks.  

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#10 Strip Cutting Die for Sizzix Big Shot

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